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 The Walking Dead

Ratings:  6.6 / 10  from  14  users

 Movie Description

HE DIED a man with a hunger to love... and returned a monster with an instinct to kill. Production: Warner Bros.,

 Movie Storyline

After hapless pianist and ex-con John Elman is framed for murder, he is resurrected by a scientist after his execution. A gang of racketeers frames down-on-his-luck John Elman for murder. After he's found guilty, evidence is brought forth proving his innocence. But it is too late and he is executed anyway. A doctor sees an opportunity to use an experimental procedure to restore him to life but is that entirely possible? Desirable?


Date of Release :  Mar 14,1936

Movies Genres :  Hollywood Movies | Crime | Horror | Sci-Fi

Movies Length :  Length: 66 Minute(s)

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