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 I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

Ratings:  6.2 / 10  from  279  users

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It's Date Night

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A remake of the 1979 controversial cult classic, I Spit on Your Grave retells the horrific tale of writer Jennifer Hills who takes a retreat from the city to a charming cabin in the woods to start on her next book. But Jennifer's presence in the small town attracts the attention of a few morally deprived locals led by Johnny, the town's service station owner, his two co-workers, Andy and Stanley, who along with their socially and mentally challenged friend Matthew, set out one night to teach this city girl a lesson.


Date of Release :  Jun 17,2010

Movies Genres :  Hollywood Movies | Crime | Thriller | Horror

Movies Length :  Length: 108 Minute(s)

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