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 Amores Perros (2000)

Ratings:  8 / 10  from  1  users

 Movie Description

A horrific car accident connects three stories, each involving characters dealing with loss, regret, and life s harsh realities, all in the name of love .

 Movie Storyline

Three interconnected stories about the different strata of life in Mexico City all resolve with a fatal car accident. Octavio is trying to raise enough money to run away with his sister-in-law, and decides to enter his dog Cofi into the world of dogfighting. After a dogfight goes bad, Octavio flees in his car, running a red light and causing the accident. Daniel and Valeria's new-found bliss is prematurely ended when she loses her leg in the accident. El Chivo is a homeless man who cares for stray dogs and is there to witness the collision .


Date of Release :  Apr 13,2001

Movies Genres :  Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller

Movies Size :  Size: 1014 MB

Movies Length :  Length: 154 Minute(s)

Movies Resolution :  Resolution: 720p

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